Joe Pereira Birthday Party We hired Peter for our kids birthday in Newport RI (a group of 20 kids). Peter was so amazing with all the kids; ages 5-12 that even the parents were entertained. We can not thank him enough for turning a normal birthday party into a GREAT party that we are all still talking about.

Joe and Rose K.

Jamee Culbertson Peter Come Back! Hey Peter, You really make my day! I love asking you to do the song-ograms. Either on the phone or in person! My sister was so surprised when you showed up to sing for her birthday. You are a true showman and entertainer. I loved seeing you perform last summer on the Cape. You really know how to draw a crowd! The New Year is coming and I will be calling you again soon! Thanks so much for your heart and soul singing!


Steve Overton Amazing performer

I have both hired Peter for a birthday party and seen him perform at the Pine St. Inn. He is wildly popular with all ages. His magic show delights and captivates both children and adults. His sing alongside and music performances raise people's spirits so they forget any worries of the moment. I can't recommend him more highly. If you are are looking for an entertainer for your personal or office party, Peter is your guy. Just hire him, you won't regret it.


John Hrones Pater O'Malley at the Great Bedar Run

Peter has been our featured entertainer at the Great Bear Run, a large road race in Needham MA for many years. He does a great job catering to the younger children crowd. Many people comment very positively on his shows. We will always welcome him back. John H.


Family Entertainer of the Year Family Entertainer of the Year

 I am proud to announce you have been chosen Family Entertainer of the Year. Congratulations on this much deserved award. Betsy Weaver, Ed.D Publisher, Boston Parents Paper

David Nihill, Principal Pine Hill School Earth Day

Thank you so much for joining us to help celebrate earth day. Your performance was entertaining and informative and certainly kept the interest of our young audience. The use of magic and music is always a hit and helped to further engage our audience, educating them about the important subjects of recycling, natural resources and conservation.


Linda Minnikin, Cruse Director Norwegian Cruse Line

Would like to truly thank you for all the Entertainment you provided.I would like to truly thank you for all the entertainment you provided-the comedy ,the singing & guitar playing and the close up magic, not to mention the balloon animals for our junior travelers. You added something extra and special to the cruse experience for our guests and we cannot thank your enough for all the extra time and effort you extended.

Mark Baldiga, Operations Manager, Recomendation for Peter O'Malley

 His job performance was often praised by our customers and he was regularly requested by many groups to host their tours. Peter's ability to work well with all types of people is a rarity in most people of today. Whether Peter was responsible for seniors citizens, a corporate group or young students, he seemed to immediately their respect and affection. In short, I am convinced that Peter O'Malley would be an asset to any organization that was looking for a sincere ,intelligent person with the gift of an out going pleasant personality.

Joe Steinberg Big Thank you

Peter, My wife and I want to thank you for the great job you did entertaining the kids at the birthday give the adults time to talk and truly enjoy the party as well. Everyone enjoy themselves, but my wife loved having the opportunity and the time to also participate in the party are well. Again thank the Steinberg family.


Toni Stone, Wonder Works Studio

Everyone was thrilled when you came to do the Frank Sinatra songs at my mothers 90th birthday all the guests were clapping, bomping and singing along...they really really got cranking on all the golden were a big grand ,hit !!! Also , we hired you to do magic at my grandsons birthday dinner with the grownups...and that was another very popular move... because you kept a few children entertained as well as captured the elders are a bonus at an activity for sure and at the kept the noise down so it didnt bother any other folks that we were partying....if people havent hired you yet they are certainly missing an element of goodspirit with your skillful ability to handle all kinds of wierd individuals too...haha which comes from the fact that you were a teacher first !! just put it all into the show and the show goes on !

YAY YAY peter keep up the good work...we are grateful for you.


Elyse Levin-Russman, LICSW Thank you from Mass General Hospital for Children's Cancer Center!

 Dear Peter,

Thank you for entertaining the children at our recent event in the Pediatric Oncology unit at Mass General. You had the kids mesmerized within a few minutes of your arrival! Starting with a small group and then moving into a big audience, you truly create a magical environment for kids of all ages and their parents. Bravo!! We so appreciate your generosity by sharing your time and talents with all of us. Your kindness and compassion was so obvious in the way you interacted with each of the children. Everyone is still talking about what a great show it was! Many, many thanks again.

Elyse Levin-Russman


Heather Peach

Thank You for a Great Performance

I would like to send a much appreciated thank you to Peter for his wonderful performance at our hospital\'s event! Peter engaged our patients, ranging in age from toddlers through adolescents, with his charm, humor, and magic throughout the afternoon. Peter clearly loves what he does and this certainly shows! We have had Peter entertain at a number of our events, and I know that he will continue to be our go-to magician given his rave reviews from the children and families! Thank you as always for the incredible show!

Heather Peach

Theresa Granger

We love Peter Magic!! He did a birthday party for my 6-year-old daughter and her friends and they absolutely adored him. He's great with kids and they loved their balloon hats. He even kept the adults laughing! We'll certainly be hiring him again in the near future!


Theresa Granger WONDERFUL

We love Peter Magic!! He performed at my 6-year-old daughter's birthday party and she and her friends adored him! He wow-ed them with all types of magic tricks and even made them balloon hats (which my daughter wore around the house for 3 days afterwards). He even made the adults laugh! We'll certainly be hiring him again in the near future!